Digital TV Outlook 2008: ARPU
Learning from Best Practice

Tuesday, 27th of November 2007,
Munich, Germany at the Literaturhaus München (Location)


Preliminary programme (speakers invited)

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Conference – November 27th 2007
Chaired by Scott Gronmark (Zype, UK) and Sebastian Becker ([tbb\*] thebrainbehind, Germany)

Session 1: Video on Demand - The Challenge of Profitability

VoD has undoubtedly become compulsory for platforms across all genres. Against most expectations, platform operators are not in the comfortable position to discuss excess returns. They are still trying to cope with the challenge to break even. Factors like the dominant role of studios and a highly competitive environment promoting new entrants like Apple, WalMart or Blockbuster impose high costs to VoD services. Leveraging vast libraries has turned out to be the key challenge.

Site opening, Registration 08:45  
Introduction 09:00 Sebastian Becker (Managing Partner, [tbb\*] thebrainbehind, Germany)
Keynote 09:20

Tony Kelly (CEO, On Demand Group, UK)

09:40 Peter Kerckhoff (Head of Content and Portals, Deutsche Telekom, Germany)
Panel Discussion 10:00

Toby Russell (CEO, 3Vision, UK)

Chaired by Scott Gronmark (Zype, UK)  

Dr. Dirk Kleine (Managing Director, SevenSenses, Germany)

Dr. Pietro Fringuelli (Head of Media, CMS Hasche Sigle Cologne, Germany)

Kit Harvey (Business Development Manager Europe, Playboy TV, UK)

Mihai Crasneanu (Founder & CEO, Grey Juice Lab, France)

Coffee Break 10:40  

Session 2: Gaming - How to Design a Successful Roll-Out

The market volume of the gaming industry cannot be ignored. Technical requirements and standards will be at the core of the discussion on how platforms need to prepare for the roll out of applications.

Keynote 11:10 Terry Quan (SVP Business Development, Vivendi Games, USA)
Session 3: Corporate funding - The next big deal

Especially in the new media industry time to market plays a key role to entrepreneurs. Managing innovation and company growth are probably the two major challenges to start-ups today. Challenged by factors like new market entrances, customer needs, supplier relationships and the behaviour of competitors, the right timing to boost corporate activities and invest in growth is not easy to grasp. This panel discusses best and worst cases to venture funding, real threats and key expectations on entrepreneurs.

Panel Discussion 11:30

Oliver Haeggberg (Managing Partner, Polytechnos, Germany)

Chaired by Nikolas Samios (Managing Partner, wiredworld, Germany)   Ingo Franz (Partner, Creathor Venture GmbH, Germany)  
Christian Claussen (General Partner, TVM Capital, Germany)  
Lunch Break 12:10  

Session 4: Total Cost of Ownership

Successful PayTV platforms such as Sky have spent huge amounts of money wiring homes, deploying set-top boxes and bringing attractive content on air. With 'new media' platforms like IPTV, WebTV and MobileTV in early stages of their development, all players must realign their strategies: What is the investment needed to build competitive platforms? Which device will be at the centre of entertainment services? What kind of metadata is needed for future business models? Who are the competitors? This section takes a close look at the cost associated with playing the game, small or big time.


Keynote 13:10 Stuart Collingwood (VP Europe, Sling Media, UK)
13:30 Maks Giordano (Business Development, kyte Europe, Switzerland)
Panel Discussion 13:50 Damir Tomicic (Founder, Axinom, Germany)
Chaired by Martin Ruckensteiner (Accelate, Austria)  

Roberto Kauffmann-Dev (Solution Alliance Director, Operax, UK)

David Whittaker (Director Business Development & Advanced Technologies, NDS, UK)

Stefan Jenzowsky (moreTV, Germany)
Dr. Thomas Baubin (CEO, iTV Solutions, Germany)
Coffee Break 14:30  

Session 5: Subscription: Triple & Quad Play - An International Overview

Within the past few years, triple play has been the dominant buzzword, also raising questions about technical feasibility and implementation. Subscription, as the basic model to fund payTV services, is still the dominant part of the equation, with price points being under pressure. Mobile is expected to contribute to new quadruple play packages, but still lacks new and valuable content. Thus, this section wants to explore how operators deploy multi-platform services and how those should be marketed.


Keynote 15:00 Jonathan Beavon (Director Segment Marketing, NDS, UK)
15:20 Leandro Boschelle (Director Produkt Management, cablecom, Switzerland)
Showcase 1: TV Brand Extension 15:45 Frank Winnenbrock (CEO, Welt der Wunder, Germany)
Showcase 2: International PayTV Marketing: Triple Play, MobileTV, PayTV 16:00 Justin Hewelt (Director, PayMedia, UK)

Panel Discussion

Chaired by Sebastian Becker (thebrainbehind, Germany), Justin Hewelt (Paymedia, UK)

16:20 Oliver Slipper (CEO, Premium TV / Inform Group, UK)
N.N. (BSkyB, UK) (to be confirmed)
Wolfram Winter (MD, Premiere Star, Germany)

Alberto Sigismondi (Director Content Creation, Mediaset, Italy)

Justin Hewelt (Director, Paymedia, UK)

Session 6: Advanced Advertising - How to Market the Future?

The need for new forms of advertising has gained broad acceptance across all new media platforms, ranging from IPTV over web streaming to the famous community platforms like YouTube or Facebook. Nonetheless, scanning existing solutions, the market lacks professional excellence in the creation of new formats matching the changing demands of interactivity. To see what models have proven successful, best practice examples will be reviewed. This section also covers relevant aspects like differentiation of target groups, revenue sources and implementation.

Keynote 17:10 Raghav Gupta (VP International Partnerships, Brightcove, USA)
Showcase UGC-related Advertising Formats 17:35 Dr. Carl von Siemens / Michael Reinermann (MDs, Generation Digitale, Germany)
End of conference 18:00  


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