Personal Video Recorder Outlook 2006:
IPTV rising

Content & intelligence in the network or in the box?

Friday, 2nd of December 2005, Literaturhaus Munich, Germany

Part I: STB vs. network-based PVRs: STB quo vadis - and who will benefit from the different approaches?

Key issues:
  • IPTV vs. traditional broadcast - What are the consequences for the hardware part?
  • CA and DRM - Which solution work best?
  • Cost and usability - the memory effect
Site opening, Registration 09:00  
PVR Outlook Introduction 09:15 [tbb\*] thebrainbehind, Germany:
Sebastian Becker - Partner
Fraunhofer ISS , Germany:
Dr. Nikolaus Färber - Group Manager Multimedia Transport
Keynote 09:45

Siemens, Germany:
Stefan Jenzowsky - VP Business Innovation

  Cisco Systems, EMEA:
Jean-Christophe Dessange - Business Development Manager, Broadband & Entertainment Solutions  
  Pace, UK:
David Gillies - CTO  
  Microsoft, UK:
Elena Branet - Senior Marketing Manager EMEA
Coffee Break 11:20  
Panel Discussion 11:50 Industria Digital Media UK, UK :
Rupert Graves - Managing Director
Chaired by Justin Hewellt - Paymedia, UK DTT Finland, Finland :
Timo Kiiskinen - Founder
Viaccess, France:
Frédéric Maizeret - EVP Sales & New Markets
Kasenna, USA:
Huw Price-Stephens - Technical Director EMEA
Alcatel, Belgium:
Rudi Broos - Triple Play Marketing, Fixed Solutions Division
Lunch Break 13:00  
Part II: iAd - interactive TV advertisement: What about new revenue streams?

Key issues:
  • Measuring response
  • Media standards
  • Recent market development
  • Innovative formats
Keynote 14:00 ZIP TV , UK:
Andrew Howells- Founder
  OMD , Germany:
Thomas Schlegel - Head of digital TV
    DIMA Group , USA:
Bill Niemeyer - Chief of Analyis and Research
Panel Discussion 14:45 tvtv Services a branch of Sony United Kingdom Ltd. , Germany:
Marek Machacek - Sales & Marketing Manager

Chaired by Carlo Rombola, Plot4 (Spain) & Scott Gronmark, Gronmark & Associates, UK

James Field - Director of Technology, TV Platforms Division
OpenTV, France:
Régis Saint-Girons - SVP Sales & Marketing EMEA
Espial , Canada:
Dr. Neale Foster - Head of Marketing
IP Germany , Germany:
Robert Schäffner- Head of Media Analysis
Coffee Break 15:54  
Part III: Legal aspects of the PVR world - What is possible after all?

Key issues:
  • Risks and opportunities of different (on-demand) business models
  • Content and digital rights management
  • EPG structure
  • Content rights, intellectual property
  • Hard disk storage vs server based storage
Keynote 16:15 CMS Hasche Sigle, Germany:
Dr. Pietro Graf Fringuelli - Head of Media Unit
            MPAA, USA:
Ted Shapiro - Vice President & General Counsel of MPA Europe
Premiere AG, Germany:
Dr. Christian Dressel - Legal & Regulatory Affairs
Panel Discussion 17:15 Hans-Bredow-Institut, Germany:
Dr. Wolfgang Schulz, Managing Director
Chaired by Terry Quan, USA Warner Bros., Intern. Television, Germany:
Dr. Sylvia Rothblum - Managing Director German-speaking Territories
moreTV, Germany:
Nikolas Samios - Managing Director
Yahoo, Germany:
Volker Gläser - Director Yahoo! Search
End of conference 18:15 Get-together
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